About me

I’ve been playing piano and saxophone for 20 years. I studied jazz and composition at the Australian National University and Monash University and am now based in Melbourne, where I’m a teacher, composer and the guy behind Movement 9, Saxplained saxophone tutorials and the Giraffe Music app.


I believe that music is for everyone. No matter your age or experience level, I can help you set and achieve personal goals, explore creative music making, and play the kind of music you love. I teach:

  • Beginner piano (all ages)
  • Jazz and contemporary piano and keyboard
  • Jazz and classical saxophone
  • Composition and arranging
  • Ear training, transcription and music theory

“Joe has a natural ability to motivate and foster a child's lifelong appreciation of music. His enthusiasm has kept Nicole focused and her interest in music is growing stronger every day. She loves to play the songs Joe arranges for her!"

"Joe is a kind, patient teacher, and he has a real talent to make the most complicated music look simple. I started as an adult and been very impressed with the progress we made. He also helped me a lot with my creative, improvisational skills. I very highly recommend him."


I work as a freelance composer, arranger and transcriber. My music has been performed by ensembles of all shapes and sizes, from string quartets to big bands, as well as students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I'm experienced as a musical director and workshop leader. Contact me about:

  • Commissioning a composition
  • Adapting existing music for your ensemble
  • Fast and accurate music transcription
  • Sheet music preparation and proofing
  • Music workshops

"We hired Joe for Camp Bravo with the task of arranging and conducting the massed finale, 150 kids of mixed ability levels playing at once including stage band, percussion, guitar ensemble and two choirs. They loved playing the medley Joe created!”

Movement 9

I formed Movement 9 in 2012 to showcase my compositions blending jazz, funk and latin influences with a horn section upfront. Movement 9 projects have included We May Never Meet Again, a reimagining of the music of Amy Winehouse (with vocalist Elly Poletti), and Unwoven (with Olivia Chindamo and strings) which was recorded for national broadcast on ABC Jazz.

★★★★ — The Australian

"Musically, the second set is pretty much like the first: absolutely brilliant ... More people need to hear this music." — Canberra Times


I've contributed to these recordings as a performer, composer or arranger.

Giraffe Music

I created and coded Giraffe Music, an app for music teachers and learners. It harnesses the power of randomisation to generate music sight-reading activities that are customisable for any ability level. It's part of my continuing efforts to enhance my music teaching and learning.

I’m really excited to implement it into my other music lessons!!  ★★★★★ (US)
Excellent! This is exactly what I needed  
★★★★★ (Turkey)
Brilliant for sight reading rhythm reading practice  
★★★★★ (UK)

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